Shamanic Readings

What is a shamanic reading?

Shamanic readings identify core life traumas and energetic hooks that keep us from advancing spiritually, physically, and emotionally in our daily lives and relationships.

What is distance healing?

Distance healing is simply moving energy through time and space, releasing energetic hooks that cause physical and emotional imbalances.

Who is Shae?

Shae is a shamanic healer living on Vancouver Island who specializes in generational healing aimed at the release of traumas from past generations in order to clear the path for current and future generations.

How does the process work?

Once you make contact, either via phone or email, we will schedule an initial session.

During sessions we ask that you make yourself comfortable in a private area where you can put the call on speakerphone and relax both physically and emotionally.

After the initial session we'll work with you to identify when the best time for a follow up session will be required, if needed.

What does it cost?

Sessions are $120 CAD for a half hour, or $200 for an hour.

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