Where to begin?


Essential Oils

Life Butters

Where do we begin?

We are asked often which is the best way to experience our healing products: bath, Life Butter, Mist, essential oil?
A Bath Treatment is the most used first step in the Healing Process. Each level, whether beginning at Hormonal Balance, Recovery or Red Yeti, its best to enjoy daily baths for three to seven days. Going forward from that, the Life Butter is a sweet method of continuing your Healing Process, being able to apply in the Moment, then the mist as you move about in the World, keeping your energy clear and reminding yourself in the Moment that you are healing. Knowing Healing is Happening Moves us in that Direction.

On that note, it is important to chose a method that you will actually use repeatedly as a daily practice. The best place to begin is where you feel safe and supported.