Collection: Yeti Collection

Our shaman has met with yeti and their cousins the sasquatch over the millennia. These Secretive and elusive beings travel the inter-dimensional, trans- universal and time- space continuums with ease, holding blue jade energy of healing and love.  Transmuting pain and discomfort with a look or wave of their hand. When yeti arrive you will smell a sulfur like scent, caused by the energetic friction of this kind of travel. Leading to some devilish misinterpretations in the way back. Sasquatch'  arrival is a subtle scent of burning sage, open your life to the healing energy of yeti/sasquatch and see your life transformed! 

one 1/4cup per bath for a few nights in a row and then as needed, followed up with the yeti balm for specific areas. reliving in inflammation allows for quicker long term healing.