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The Yeti/Sasquatch Origin Myth:

Our Shaman has met with Yeti and their cousins—The Sasquatch—over the millenia. These secretive and illusive beings travel inter-dimensional and trans-universal time-space continuums with ease. Holding the blue jade energy of healing and love, they transmute pain and discomfort with a wave of their hand.

When Yeti arrive you will smell a sulfur like scent, caused by the energetic friction of this kind of travel. Leading to some misinterpretations in the way back. 

Sasquatch arrival is marked by a subtle scent of burning sage.


Open your life to the healing energy of Yeti/Sasquatch and see your life transformed!

Use one 1/4 cup of Red Yeti Original Bath Treatment per bath and soak for 15-20 minutes.  Repeat nightly as needed. Follow up each bath with Red Yeti Original Life Butter or Premium Lotion for localized relief.

Product Notes:

Relieves sudden and/or chronic pain, migraines, bursitus, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Sensitivity to the spice content of these products may occur. If you experience an adverse reaction to the spice content, rinse thoroughly and refrain from further use of the product.

We do not make a protection mist in the Red Yeti blend line because aerosolizing pepper oils is generally not a good idea. We also do not make a pure castile soap in the Red Yeti blend line due to sensitivity issues.