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Soul Strings - The Key

Soul Strings - The Key

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Shaman Infused - Bath & Body

Soul Strings - The Key - Bath Treatment - Master Cleanse

When two or more embrace as: The Other, The One, our Soul Strings open and The Key Turns. A Soul String Connection can occur with a plant, tree, pet, acquaintance, family member, or Lover. Soul Strings run the length of the Body, most times they are white, other times different colours. Each Body has a different configuration, like finger prints. When two Beings line up and sync their strings together there is an experience of an escape from the Physical and the generous melding of the souls. The Key Turns. We are Open, Free, One.

Mantra - Ohhhhmmmmm (circular breathing)

Directions:  ¼ cup per bath.  Use a few days in a row and then once a week for as long as you like.  More often is fine as well.

Create your own experience:  candles, darkness, music, mantras, visualization …


Ingredients: Solar salt, mineral salt, bentonite, diatomaceous earth and sodium bicarbonate, with the purest non-GMO, organic, and therapeutic grade essential oils of Jamarose, Five Fold Orange, Hyssop, Frankincense, Aniseed and Myrrh.

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