LOVE MY LIFE - Healing Balm (Traditional Collection)

LOVE MY LIFE - Healing Balm (Traditional Collection)

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A gentle healing daily moisturizer. 

We crafted Love My Life to repair our skin which tells the story all the fun we've had in this lifetime.  

Use this healing balm as an eraser for scar tissue, age spots, rosacea, inflammation, lines and wrinkles.  See results in days and weeks.Those with surgical scars that wont heal and stay painful and red find relief within a week.  

My own personal story-While in Thailand I went on an ocean day trip and burned my face quite severely from the sun.  For the next few years my facial skin always felt thick and tough, especially at the anniversary of the burn.  I had become used to the feeling and look until my sister in law said one day that it looked like someone had punched me on my cheek bones.  I immediately got to work with Spirit to  build a butter that would heal and rejuvenate my skin.  I used the butter for about six weeks and the thickening and bruised look was gone.

Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, the purest non-gmo organic therapeutic grade essential oil of frankincense and green coffee bean extract.