Smudge Pot - World Memory

Smudge Pot - World Memory

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From my own work and visions I have seen a time in the past where, for reasons of survival, we had to forget so much of our intellectual and technical skills in order to experience and learn compassion.  This learning would make us more complete beings.  We have struggled and grown through many ages of darkness.  

,One of the practices that I use with my clients is opening the energy center that resides along the brow line, (yes it is not round),   Once this center is open we release the "disc" of information that each of us was asked to carry through future generations to this time of awakening.  

There will come a time that is nearing when we will access this information in a group situation, facilitating one of the biggest energetic shifts we have ever known.  For now use this balm to open the brow Chakra, visualize releasing the information disc and or discs and hide them away in an etheric carry pouch to be used when needed.

Clear the amnesia virus - wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!  

Apply across the brow hairline area.  

Beeswax, coconut Oil, the purest Non-GMO, organic, therapeutic grade essential oil of Yarrow, with Desert Sage.