MASTER CLEANSE - The Keys Soul Strings

MASTER CLEANSE - The Keys Soul Strings

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When two or more embrace the other, openly and honestly with full accounting for our own needs, wants and desires, the soul strings open and The Key turns.  The truth of a soul string connection is that it can occur with strangers, lovers, pets, trees and more.  

Soul strings run perpendicular through the body and when a connection happens on this level those involved feel the Others' Soul Strings meld.  With this The Key can turn and we are opened, free, and ONE!

MANTRA:  Ommmmmmmmm

CRYSTAL ENERGY:  Snow Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Larimar, Rainbow Obsidian, Blue Jade


Solar salt, mineral salt, bentonite, diatamaceous earth and sodium bicarbonate with the purest essential oils of Jamarosa, Fivefold Orange, Hyssop, Frankincense, Aniseed & Myrrh. 

1/4 cup per bath.  Preferably 4 - 7 baths in a row