MASTER CLEANSE - Physical Body

MASTER CLEANSE - Physical Body

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Much of what keeps us separated from our deeper healing is the day to day struggles of the body.  Coping mechanisms and self medicating dilute our attention to the beauty of every moment.

Physical pain is one of the most difficult barriers to healing original trauma and keeps the perception of our process at arms length.  Diotamaceous earth and bentonite draw toxins out, the solar salt and orange mineral salt create a flush through the body and sodium bicarbonate balances ph levels.  The potent essential oils work to release physical pain and allow us to move more deeply into healing without fear toward processing our original trauma.

MANTRA:  First things first, I release the physical pain making room to surrender to the next level of healing as I move closer with confidence to processing and releasing my original trauma.  

CRYSTAL ENERGY:  Diamond, Lapis lazuli, Aventurine.

ELEMENT:  Clouds (water and air)

Solar salt, mineral salt, bentonite, diotamaceous earth, sodium bicarbonate with the purest essential oils of Litsea cubeba, Lemon verbena, Black pepper, Pine, Marjoram and Cumin.

1/4 cup per bath, preferably 4 - 7 baths in a row.