MASTER CLEANSE - Chaos Medicine

MASTER CLEANSE - Chaos Medicine

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 This level of Medicine is for those ready, willing and able to move forward, those who have come to a place of full acceptance and responsibility for their existence. 

Experiencing this World of Manifesting is a challenging prospect.  Most of us jump in with the joy and freedom of spirit, with plans and ideas and inspiration!

If you have come here as a healer, then you manifest those who need healing.  If you are here to explore and correct your birth family, then you manifest a family that needs fixing.

When we live in faith and acceptance that we are all perfect expressions of our Selves, with no need to change, fixing or healing then we are in Chaos Medicine.  Flow freely, safely and with love in all that you do.  


MANTRA:  I flow with the wave in complete faith and beauty in everything I do.  I release every box that I have manifested around my existence. 

CRYSTAL ENERGY:  Snowflake/Rain Drop

ELEMENT: Desert sand

Solar salt, mineral salt, bentonite, diatamaceous earth and sodium bicarbonate with the purest essential oils of Himalayan Cedar, Rosewood, Balsam, Black Spruce and Myrrh. 

1/4 cup per bath.  Preferably 4 - 7 baths in a row